DIY Vanilla Extract

Vodka & vanilla beans, that’s all it takes.  Clotilde of Chocolate and Zucchini gives a nice in-depth description in her post here, however the whole process is really quite simple.  1 cup of  alcohol to 3 vanilla beans.  Most people use vodka because of it’s mild flavor.  However, I do think rum would be nice too.  I love the look of the flecks from vanilla beans in things like ice cream, frosting and custard, but I hate the process of scraping and steeping to get those little seeds out.  Enter vanilla bean paste.  You can use it interchangeably with extract, and no scraping!  Anyway, I don’t like to waste the paste on things like breads and cakes, where you can’t even see the vanilla bean seeds.  Enter vanilla extract.  I had some vanilla beans in the pantry from my pre-paste days, and decided to make my own extract!  You do have to cut open the beans, but no scraping is necessary…

Vanilla Extract, makes 1 cup

1 cup vodka (or rum)

3 vanilla beans

Cut open vanilla beans lengthwise and put inside an air-tight container.  Store container in a cook, dark place and shake every couple of days, or whenever you think of it.  It will gradually turn a dark brown color over time.  It takes about 8 weeks for the extract to be ready.

This is what it looks like after two weeks: 

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  1. sarah rose says:

    Cannot wait to try this!