Versatile Blogger Award

A big thanks to Betsy of Betsy Life for passing on this awesome award!  Echoing her sentiments, one of the things I really love about the blogosphere is the people you connect with from all over the world.  I also love the sense of community and comraderie between bloggers.  They are are a great source of information – for virtually every topic!  I was so happy to receive this award from her, and am thrilled to pass it on!

There are a few rules.  (this goes for all who receive this award as well). You must thank the person who awarded you by linking back to their post, you have to say 7 things about yourself (let’s assume they should be interesting), and last but certainly not least, you have to pass the award down to 15 other new or newly discovered by me blogs.

Here we go!

7.  I am the co-founder and co-host of the Seasonal Potluck with Betsy.  This is where bloggers can share their seasonal recipes with our featured ingredients.  Last month’s featured ingredient was rhubarb and this month’s is asparagus.  Stop on by and share your recipes!

6.  There are several ingredients you will always find in my kitchen:  flour, sugar, cream, milk, Kosher salt, and lemons.

5.  Pretty much the only thing I listen to on the radio are talk and country stations.  I know, I know, I know… 

4.  I use an obscene amount of dishes when I cook, and my husband will attest to this fact.

3.  I have run two marathons, Chicago and the Marine Corps marathon in DC.  I have no plans to run any more – 1/2’s are just fine!

2.  I am OBSESSED with vacations.  Next up, a weekend trip to San Antonio next that I actually won!

1.  My husband and I met in 5th grade, when we were 11 years old.

And here is a list of those I would like to share the love with, in no particular order:

1.  My old college friend and new blogger friend Betsy who shares her stories on  Seasonal Potluck – yeah!

2.  The Home Brew Chef because he is combining the best of both worlds…

3.  Julie of Savvy Eats has a good combination of recipes AND useful tips.

4.  Pizzazzerie, which is a really nice resource for party ideas and hostess gifts!

5.  I plan on starting canning this summer with my bounty of vegetables that inevitably ripens all at the same time.  I have already bookmarked several recipes from Food in Jars.  They have cute gift ideas too! (in jars of course)

6.  The King Arthur Flour Company has a great blog with lots of pictures and step by step instructions with their recipes.  They have never steered me wrong, and their products are great too.  Not to mention they just seem like an all around nice bunch of people.

7.  American girl Imen, sharing her lovely stories and lovely photos on I Married an Irish Farmer.

8.  Loving the Run, because even though I love the run – sometimes I need motivation and reminders about WHY I love it.

9.  Inn the Kitchen – because Rachelle loves travel AND food – one of my favorite combos!

10.  Mommy wants Vodka is funny.  Really.  Go see for yourself.

11.  The Novice Chef for her recipes and wit!

12.  Just discovered a fellow Chicagoan foodie blogger!  Maris @ In Good Taste

13.  Lindsay at Love and Olive Oil.  Great website.  Great recipes.  Great photos.

14.  Cute mother daughter blogging duo Mary Anne and Mariel at Feast on the Cheap

15.  The Busty Baker – I want to bake ALL of her cupcakes!

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