Triple Cinnamon Scones

I sort of made these on a whim the night before the Royal wedding last month because I all of a sudden felt like I had to be festive and involved in some way with this big event.  Plus, the thought of freshly baked scones made waking up early to watch the ceremony a bit easier!  I wasn’t planning on posting this recipe because it was about 8:30pm when I started baking, and my good camera was still being repaired.  BUT they were just so good, I had to pass on the recipe!  They were a big hit with the husband and a friend of mine I gave a couple too (although she is a self-proclaimed cinnamonaholic, so take her opinion with a grain of salt).  The cinnamon glaze kept the scones nice and moist, so we were able to enjoy these all weekend!  There is so much flavor in these, no accompaniments are necessary.  Just a nice cup of tea is perfect.  Enjoy!

Triple Cinnamon Scones recipe link to the King Arthur Flour website:

*Note:  I used two products sold on their website, which I’ve included links to.  The recipe does have suggested substitutions, however, if you do not have or do not wish to purchase these items. 

Cinnamon Flav-R-Bites

Baker’s Cinnamon Filling

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