Desserts from the Weekend: Fireworks and Food Coloring

Hope everyone had a great long weekend!  I know I did…a little too long.  I am still exhausted!  It was a fun weekend though, shared with family and friends.   We attended a wedding, went boating, saw hot air balloons and fireworks, and of course ate and drank entirely too much!

Since I wasn’t hosting anything this weekend, I only made a couple of desserts to bring to the parties we attended.  I decided to go all out with the red, white and blue theme this year – so if you’re one of those people who has a thing against food coloring, stop reading this right now.  Both the cupcakes and cake pops were full of it!

I used this blog post from the Nifty Foodie as my guide for the cupcakes.  She used Cook’s Illustrated’s white cake recipe.  However, based on this comparison I read from The Way the Cookie Crumbles, I used Dorie Greenspan’s white cake recipe because it seemed like it was consistently a better riser.  Additionally, it had less butter and sugar than the CI recipe.  I did use CI’s buttercream though.  It was an easy recipe and I wasn’t in the mood for cooking egg whites and going through that whole process.  I just wanted to throw everything in the mixer and get it done!  They turned out good.  I’m not a big cupcake person, but I think that is because I’m still searching for my go-to recipes for both cake and frosting.

If you’d like to make the cake pops, Coco & Vanilla has a nice tutorial you can find here.  Of course taking a browse through cake pop extraordinaire, Bakerella’s website will give you many wonderfully creative cake pop ideas.  I’d recommend a look, she’s the master!  I’ve made mine upside-down because I haven’t found a creative way to display them otherwise.  You really don’t even need to put them on a stick, but I think it’s more fun.

This is just for fun – look how cute this dog is before we traumatized her with fireworks!

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