Cast iron skillet pizzas

So I’ve recently fallen in love with the cast iron skillet I’ve had for about two years and never used until now!  It’s absolutely wonderful.  Nothing sticks to it, it heats up quickly, browns food nicely…shall I go on?  Very versatile too, as it can go from stovetop to oven.  I have also fallen in love with this method of making pizzas in a cast iron skillet.  You’ll need fresh pizza dough for this, but it’s easy to find at the store, no need to make your own.  Whole Foods sells a nice whole wheat dough for about $3, and at Trader Joe’s I prefer the traditional white dough which I believe is only 2 bucks!

The steps are simple:

1. Spread the dough out onto a cold skillet.

2. Place the toppings on the pizzas.

3.  Heat for about 3 minutes on medium-high heat, until the crust starts to brown/crisp up.

4.  Place pan in a 400 degree pre-heated oven for about 12 minutes, or until slightly browned on top.

For detailed instructions, this is a great step-by-step post with pictures and extra tips.

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