Raspberry Turnovers


I went fruit picking in Michigan the other day and came back with a huge load of sour cherries, sweet cherries, and black raspberries.  I happen to have some red raspberries at home already, and I need to use them up pretty fast.  I also happened to have a package of Dufour chocolate puff pastry in my freezer that I had been itching to try out.  Voila!  Easy turnovers.  Without the labor of making your own puff pastry, these can be thrown together in no time.

The chocolate puff pastry was good.  You can tell it is a quality product, and not just because of the high price!  It’s hard to find all butter puff pastry sold retail though.  So if you have a special occasion, or want a good substitute for homemade, I’d definitely recommend the Dufour brand.

To get the recipe, head over to Seasonal Potluck!


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