Spring is here!

Okay, not really.  We woke up to snow this morning.  But it is supposed to be in the 50’s by the end of the day, so hopefully that snow won’t be sticking around for long!  Even though it might not feel like Spring in most parts of the country, flowers and fresh local produce are just around the corner!  That means your local farmers have already been hard at work for a while.

I took a trip to Pick. at Garden Patch Farms in Homer Glen, IL last month to check out how they are preparing for Spring.  Molly was nice enough to show me around one of their greenhouses and explain how they are getting ready for the season by putting together seedlings for a number of annuals and perennials, as well as herbs, vegetable plants, fruit trees, and tons of other items for all types of gardeners (and non-gardeners!).

One of the main attractions there for me is the U-Pick.  Though the farm has events all year round, my favorite is picking my own produce.  You can’t get any fresher than picking it yourself!  Plus, it is a rewarding experience.  How much better is that pie going to taste with fruit that YOU picked off the tree or bush?!  I definitely plan on going back this summer with the kids to do some picking.

One thing you can always find at Garden Patch Farms year round are fresh eggs.  If you have never bought eggs from your local farmer or a farmers market, you are missing out.  Taste, texture, size – everything is better when they’re fresh!  The eggs you buy from the super market already have weeks worth of age on them, which does affect the yolk size and texture.  Plus, have you ever seen eggs this size at the grocery store, or ones with double yolks?

If you’re looking to branch out from scrambling those eggs, here are a few recipes where eggs are the star ingredient.  So don’t wait for warmer weather to go visit your local farm.  Pickup some eggs and start planning that garden now!

Make Ahead Scrambled Eggs


Egg “McMuffins”

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