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profile picI am a lover of all things food.  Cooking it, thinking about it, talking about it, and of course eating it.  Though I have never had any professional culinary training, I do like to consider myself an above average home cook.  My husband eats everything though, so who really knows… I grew up with a mother who cooked from scratch, and consequently you’ll rarely find a box of pre-made anything in my kitchen.  I love to try new recipes as well as create them myself!

We live in the Chicagoland area.  The Husband and my boys are my master recipe-testers, but our dog gets the occasional taste as well.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find something you like!

I can be contacted at kelley@theculinaryenthusiast.com.

5 Responses to About Me

  1. Lauren Armour-Ake says:

    Right on Griff! I’m excited to try some of your delicious-looking creations! I grew up with a mother who made everything from pre-made stuff so I guess either upbringing can move one towards making everything from scratch eventually. I guess the fact that Phil is a pseudo-gourmet cook helps. I’m not sure I would have ended up being a “from-scratcher” if I hadn’t met him.

    I do occasionally make one of mom’s old recipes to reminisce…but only when Phil’s not home 🙂

  2. bonfood says:

    I love your about me page. I just saw your cinnamon buns and they look fab. Thanks for the tips. I just made some of these a few weeks ago and had a baking disaster when they did not rise. I think there was a problem with my yeast!. Thanks again. Bonnie

  3. jamie says:

    So cool. Love the site. Let’s get cooking!

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