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Chocolate Stout Marshmallows

The St. Patrick’s Day recipes continue!  And besides GREEN, what says St. Patrick’s Day?  Beer!  Yes, the marshmallows are made with beer.  I made mine with a home brewed chocolaty, coffee flavored stout, but a good old Guinness would work well too. … Continue reading

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Chocolate Almond Toffee

This was my first try at toffee, and despite the fact that my candy thermometer was clearly not calibrated correctly, it turned out okay!  You’ll want to check your thermometer by boiling some water and if the temperature reads 212 … Continue reading

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Leftover Halloween Candy Corn? Homemade Butterfingers!

Have any leftover candy corn from Halloween sitting around?  This is the perfect recipes to use it all up. I can’t eat a ton of candy corn myself.  After one handful I have a stomach ache and feel like I’ve … Continue reading

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