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Seasonal Potluck: Peach Breakfast Cake

Summer is winding down, as is our Seasonal Potluck month of peaches and sweet corn.  I still have a few recipes featuring these ingredients that I need to sneak in though!  This recipe is from James Peterson’s latest cookbook, Kitchen … Continue reading

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Seasonal Potluck: Grilled Peaches stuffed with Couscous

The Seasonal Potluck continues!  Betsy and I had to pick two ingredients again this month because there are just too many good ones to choose from.  The featured ingredients for August are peaches and corn!  Remember to check out all … Continue reading

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Seasonal Potluck: Online!

Using seasonal ingredients is an important part of buying local and minimizing your “carbon footprint”.  But also, things TASTE better when they’re in season!  There is nothing better than the taste of a ripe peach in the middle of the summer or … Continue reading

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